24 April 2011

"The coroner? I'm so sick of that guy."

This is the first post.

LIST FOR APRIL 24, 2011:

Ten Lists I Intend to Make

  • Ten Things I Like With Shitty Names
  • Nine Episodes of "Recess" That Could Be Taught in College Classes on Contemporary Sociopolitical Dynamics
  • Eight Books I Should Get Around to Reading
  • Seven Things I Hate That You Would Think I Was Crazy If I Told You I Hated Them (Which I Am)
  • Six Twilight Quotes That Make Me Anxious for Society
  • Five Movies I Will, At Some Point in the Next Year, Pretend I've Seen
  • Four Reasons Why I Don't Want to Watch The Wire, Despite the Fact That Everyone Says it Kicks Ass
  • Three TV Shows That Are Better Than Sex (Oral, Anyway)
  • Two Songs That Would be Better If They Were in a Different Language (and Sung by Text-to-Speech Generators)
  • A '30 Rock' Quote. Do You Really Need a Reason?


Today's quote: Dr. Nick Riviera, The Simpsons

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